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Let's Work Together

On stage: Our debaters build a wealth of life skills: Critical thinking, public speaking and active listening. Most importantly, they learn to respect a range of opinions.

In school: The fundamentals of debate - organized thinking, clear expression, honest questioning - are central elements of a solid education. 

In shule: Give your son or daughter the gift of really sparkling on his or her big day. We’ll write a winning bar/bat mitzvah speech, and then blow ‘em away with the delivery.


01. Debate Clubs/Teams

Competitive and non-competetive debate clubs for sixth to 12th graders. Program focuses on advanced logic, public speaking and argumentation training, as well as active listening and focused questioning skills. By being called at random to support or oppose a debate motion, students acquire the ability to respect all sides of an argument, regardless of the side they personally agree with.

One 2-hour meeting per week + occasional competitions and friendly meet ups with other groups.


Rate: NIS 4650 for the year

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02. Bar/Bat Mitzvah Speech Coaching

Let’s make sure your bar/bat mitzvah child gives the speech of a lifetime! In five weekly sessions leading up to the big day, we’ll come up with a topic for the speech, look at a range of Jewish sources, and draw out the lessons the student wants to emphasize. Of course, we’ll also work on effective public speaking techniques that will “wow” any audience.


Sessions held via Zoom or in person, depending on location. 

Rate: NIS 1500

03. Classroom Seminars


A short workshop focusing on the fundamentals of debate: crafting ideas, argumentation, public speaking and active listening. Seminars can be tailored for a wide range of classroom subjects, as well as to guide teachers who want to introduce debate into their teaching repertoire.

Four or six-session workshops that can be tailored for students or for teachers wanting to introduce debate skills into their classrooms. 

Rate: NIS 2100 for six-part seminar, NIS 1700 for four-part seminar

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“I love debating because we learn how to argue logically, and especially how to listen to other kids’ ideas. I love speaking from the podium - especially rebutting, making good arguments and always thinking of an attention-grabber that will make other kids want to listen to my speech.”

- Dovi, 7th grade


How it Works

Get in touch

Let's connect through call, Whatsapp, or email. 

Get the details

Share your vision, then I'll recommend a package to give you the exact support you need.

Get started

Enjoy the experience of working together! Acquire a new skill set and learn something new.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do your groups meet?
    We currently have middle school and high school groups in Jerusalem, Modiin and Bet Shemesh. Contact me for information about debate groups in your area.
  • My child is very quiet and introverted. I’m afraid she won’t like speaking in front of the group.
    Debating is the very best platform around for overcoming stage fright. Ironically, it’s also a great platform for outspoken extroverts to develop patience and listening skills.
  • I’m good at having ideas, but I freeze when I try to speak about them in public.
    You’re hardly alone! With Efrat Debate Workshops you’ll develop techniques not only to present your ideas clearly, but to do it in a way that persuades others to vote for your side!
  • What forms of debate do you teach?
    Most Efrat Debate Workshops debates are team clashes with three debaters per side, following the World Schools Debate format. Experienced debaters have the option of developing one-on-one debate skills following the Lincoln-Douglas format.

So what are you waiting for?

Ready to start arguing with us? Want to form a group in your area? Have a bar/bat mitzvah coming up? Let's talk about it!

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